Thanks for visiting my tiny little blip on the hyperspace map.

If you were expecting to find something enlightening, amazing or somehow exciting, you may have travelled to the wrong place. 🙂   Assuming you knew what you were doing, though, here’s a quick guide to get your started:

  • My blog contains some random thoughts, observations and comment on the state of (a very few) things, such as technology, philosophy, music, media and the social landscape.
  • I have listed some interests and activities under projects, because that’s the only name I could think of. This area includes project ideas, downloads, documentation and various, loosely-related miscellanea.
  • Some links to what I consider great web sites/resources There is so much on the web (and in the wider world) as a result of people’s voluntary contributions that they deserve some recognition.

Some links may now be dead in this blog, especially those with photos hosted (as they were at the time) on flickr.  This is because I tend to host a few photos on Picasa / Google+, so apologies if you get a dead’un (if so, please let me know!).

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