Welcome to dowe.io & thanks for visiting my corner in cyberspace.

On this siteShot of Steve

  • My blog contains some random thoughts, observations and comment on the state of (a very few) things, such as technology, philosophy, music, media and the social landscape.
  • I have listed some interests and activities under projects, because that’s the only name I could think of. This area includes project ideas, downloads, documentation and various, loosely-related miscellanea.
  • Some links to what I consider great web sites/resources There is so much on the web (and in the wider world) as a result of people’s voluntary contributions that they deserve some recognition.  Note: Some links may now be dead in this blog, especially those with photos hosted (as they were at the time) on flickr.  If you see a dead link, please do let me know!

What I do

I am a full-time web developer & system administrator, with some full-stack experience on the web side, harnessing Linux-based web hosting for the past 17+ years.  A few areas of focus include:

Linux & sysadminRHEL / CentOS 5-7; Fedora; Debian; Ubuntu; Devuan

Bash Scripting

Disk & volume administration (LUKS, mdadm, LVM)
Virtualisation, Network Services & SecurityKVM, Libvirt & Virsh


Apache, SSL
Web DevelopmentHTML5; CSS3 (+Bootstrap)

JS (+ jQuery)

PHP: Zend Framework, CodeIgnitor

MySQL / MariaDB


Git; Subversion
ManagementProjects & Teams

Product Development

Client Relationships

Internal Processes

For work opportunities, please get in touch with me.


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This web site contains my personal views and not those of my employer or any of its partners or associates.