I agree – my point isn’t to say Macs are awesome and everyone should use them.

To be fair, if Windows 7 had been out 18 months earlier, I would probably be typing this on a Dell!

My point is… we (the web dev community) have moved to them as we either got fed up with Vista, didn’t like Microsoft’s monopoly or whatever. We moved to iPhone as it was much easier to use than some of the other phones before it.

So, now, don’t take advantage of that by being a bully. Which they are. It is unfair to dictate the tools we have to use.

You will probably find this interesting – possibly Apple’s number 1 fans saying Apple are wrong but explaining it in a logical way. This is not about Mac users V PC users or anything, it is about control (but people miss that point I think):

I would argue that Android, Nokia and co are less successful than Apple iPhone / iPad apps though (for now anyway) due to them being open, and normal non-tech folk want to be controlled as tech stuff is scary. As you say though, that is a whole other post!!!

Good debate sir!!!