Blimey – you are on a mission today Mr Dowe 😎

This is a curious move by Apple.

The web design and development community has pretty much gone over to Mac, but Windows 7 is epic and Linux maturing quite nicely – we could all move back Apple – so watch your step!

As you know, I went over to Mac last year and love it. I don’t consider myself a “fan boy” – but I don’t see myself moving back. Everything is just better, easier, faster, better looking, better made and more reliable on my Mac.

So, why go spoil all that Apple and start behaving like Microsoft!!!!!

Adobe kind of have themselves to blame in part though.

They let down Apple and Mac users for years – especially around some Flash issues (that would have crippled a mobile device). So, if Adobe couldn’t keep their house in order for Apple in the past, then what do they expect – BUT I still don’t agree with Apple on this one. Why not work together? I don’t get it.

I don’t think they will ever get rid of Flash on OS X though. This is purely an app and mobile device thing I think.

With the iPad – I think most geeks are missing the point though…

I do think the iPad appeals to a target market who use a computer at work for work (and don’t do work at home) or are not geeks or designers – which let’s be honest – is the majority of people out there.

Take my misses for example, she doesn’t want, need or care about multi-tasking, she doesn’t know what flash is, never uses GPS, so won’t care that Steve Jobs doesn’t want to play. As long as she can get on Amazon and use her Hotmail account, she is all set. Why wait 4 hours for Vista to start to do just that, when you can flick your iPad on in seconds.

Think of it more like a “always on” magazine on your coffee table to be picked up and flicked through from time-to-time – not a laptop that you sit on all day long or do anything serious on.

I really want an iPad as I love a new gadget and it is very cool, but I doubt I would ever get one as it won’t do what I need (I would want multi-tasking) and I don’t think buying something like this first gen is ever a good idea either to be honest as it will date very quickly.

But I can see a very big market for it who won’t care about the draw backs, but that market isn’t us.
Simon G