Forbes summary article on S6 bloatware

…which is convincing enough for me to rule out another Samsung phone as my next choice. I expect I’ll go Nexus or Moto.


0 thoughts on “Forbes summary article on S6 bloatware

  1.       Niall Porr Choice.  You cannot remove the software you won't use, like Microsoft Office.  This is an anti-feature, not a feature.
  2.       Steve Dowe I'd rather have lots of useful apps, like Microsoft Office, than none. I guess that's just a preference. I like my phone to do a lot by default.
  3.       Niall Porr - I get that, and I'm that way inclined too.  I love my S4, but I run so much on it that it's just starting to show its limits.   The pity of the S6 is that, because of this software bundling, your choice of software to install is reduced because your available storage is reduced.  If you wanted to install app "X" and wanted/needed it so bad you'd be willing to sacrifice a bundled app.... you're outta luck.

     I’d forgo expandable storage if I had a choice over the fixed storage usage, but the S6 offers no improvement in that regard.  What with the whole Knox warranty bit issue, you really have no choice at all – you risk blowing the eFuse by rooting, to allow you to remove those apps.

    Shame – it’s a lovely phone by the looks of it, otherwise.

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