I’ve decided to catalogue my experience with Fedora 9. The reasons for this are:

  • It is a Linux distro aimed at being totally “free” (as in speech, not as in beer).
  • Fedora is the distribution I am most familiar with.
  • I believe Red Hat is actually a pretty cool company and they are serious about the user community.
  • Fedora always aims to be cutting-edge. I like that.


So, what first?


I plan to record my experience of installing Fedora 9 on my blog so that people who are considering switching to Linux, or switching from another distribution to Fedora, can decide what the benefits might be. It’s also going to serve as a reference for myself, so I can see why it’s such a good/bad idea to do it again!


Finally, I have gained so much by simply being interested in Open Source software, that I felt it was about time to give something back. As an English graduate, documentation is probably the best thing I can start with. I hope it’s of help to someone!

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