There is a growing trend amongst internet companies – i.e. those organisations who provide services over the internet which store your data – to proclaim your freedom and control over your data. Sometimes, the reality doesn’t quite bear up.

I have decided to write an ad-hoc series of blog posts treating this subject. My main area of focus will be how to use readily-available tools to help you liberate your data and regain control over it.

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Initial plans

The main subjects I am planning to write about at this stage revolve around the current internet/mobile ecosystem and what you can do to live a productive life while maintaining security.

My outline of topics so far:

  • Unlocking your saved passwords from Google Chrome, the internet’s darling web browser
  • Using a free office suite to replace expensive, proprietary vendors’ offerings
  • Getting to grips with your own web account

– why do this? Benefits? – How to set up? – Basic steps for maximum security

  • Using your own internet calendar and contact list, rather than letting your data be snooped on by the easier alternatives…
  • Secure P2P file sharing – no, it’s NOT ILLEGAL!

As well as these practical how-tos, I’m also intending to cover the bigger picture in a few supporting articles:

  • Leaving the “safety” of Windows/MacOS behind. Addressing some misplaced fears.
  • Risks of the “walled garden”
  • Get back in control

– what YOU can do to ensure your rights are not being violated – being pro-active and helping in the community

With writing in mind…

If you would like to suggest ideas or subject areas that you would like covered, please get in touch.

I look forward to your comments!

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