2 thoughts on “Pondering a year without Google. Is it possible?

  1. Easy enough to switch – there are other drop in replacements. Depends whether you’re trying to ditch Google in particular or large corps in general. Bing or duckduckgo for search, Facebook (or diaspora if you can persuade enough friends to join) for G+, OpenDNS for DNS, Office 365 for Google DOCs and Gmail. Dropbox or Spideroak for Google Drive. You might even consider some of those switches an improvement.

    Assuming you don’t want to switch from Google to Microsoft then things do get much harder. I suppose one option is to run OwnCloud, either locally (but how do you back it up via an asynchronous connection?) or host it on a VPS (with local backups).

    I just find Google services so convenient. It’s like Amazon – I know I should give my money to local businesses, but…

    • Thanks Chris. Your comment is exactly the thought process I’m now having. I think it’s not a question of dumping Google, but really dumping megacorp overlords in general – the tougher challenge, naturally. 😉

      And I totally concur – Google’s services are simply so convenient… maps/navigation especially (for me).

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