Been swimming a fair amount in recent months. The original intention was to build up some endurance for when I go surfing, but the swimming has since become an enjoyable thing in itself.

A friend and I go, 2-3 times per week, to a 50m Olympic-sized pool. 32 lengths = 1600 metres, or 1 mile. We normally manage the 32 lengths each time we go, but we are now looking to push it a bit further.

Normally we warm up with 10 lengths, split into 5 sets of 2. Then we do sets of 4 lengths for the bulk of the distance, before warming down with a closing 2-4 lengths. It’s great fun, and every time we go I feel we progress that bit further.

It’s a good reminder that achievements can take some time to accomplish, but they are then with you for life.

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