Daniel (daniel01@social.isurf.ca) 2020-09-09 21:03:59:

How M$ will take posses over the Linux realm…

How M$ will take posses over the Linux realm…

Recently there has been a lot of excitment around WSL2, with Canonical in front line to make Ubuntu a first class citizen on WSL2.

As usual there is a very well orchestred communication around this topic, and the refrain says that everything that get people closer to linux is welcome, but the only two entities that I see getting closer and closer between each other are just M$ and Canonical.

It seems that Canonical eventually have found a way to push M$ to make purchase offer. If Canonical will be able to make the switching between W10 and Ubuntu transparent at this point there isn’t any reason for M$ for not acquire Canonical. We already knew that at certain this will happen but the one who want the most this a becoming reality is the BDOL of Ubuntu hisself.

Probably are years that Shuttleworth is dreaming to make the best deal of his life, and with Ubuntu as just as second skin of Windows, acquiring Canonical for M$ would be a terrific win-win situation, for instance, with a single shot it may:

* taking over half of the internet server
* taking over AWS which is pratically build on top of Ubuntu
* draining all the Ubuntu based cloud service toward Azure
* Get rid off all the derivates of Ubuntu with a singl blow
* taking over the LinuxDesktop once and forever
* Intercepting all the prospect Linux users before they get closer to GNU/Linux

And Ubuntu will be the rise and the fall of the Linux Desktop.

The servants of the masters have already activated their propaganda’s machine, now it is only a question of time.


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