It’s kind of silly that smartphones commonly have as much, if not more, memory than new laptops.

It’s also kind of sucky that phone screens commonly ship as 2560×1440, whereas premium laptops are still 1920×1080.

For $655 (£470) you can get:  ,  or

I have a Thinkpad T420 – now 2 years, 6 months old.  Started to notice the fan seemed a bit noisier than normal and the CPU was reporting a temperature of around 60deg C, even when the machine wasn’t doing very much.

As suspected, 30 months of usage without a clean is a little bit too long.  Cleaning a laptop fan can be fairly straightforward – this took just two screw removals.  Of course, always seek advice and YouTube videos if you need help to do yours! 😉

After the procedure, my laptop runs about 10-15deg C cooler and is much quieter.

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(Warning, images are grotesque scenes of mostly human skin.  Some microscopic lifeforms may have been “damaged” during the making of these images…)