Quite simply, I am very happy to be back in Emacs-land.

There I was, thinking that the web-based task managers, to-do lists, etc
were “all that”. Well, ok, I do feel that some are pretty good, as you can tell from
my tag cloud on this blog. But nothing ever felt like it was native to
me, this keyboard and this computer.

I wanted to put tasks on a computer to Screenshot - 100413 - 10:55:20make them easier to manage.  Putting them on a web site didn’t do that, and I don’t think it ever
really will for me. So I’m back in the saddle with orgmode and boy, am I loving this again. It’s amazing how the keystrokes just come back to

Here’s my list of software in Emacs (at  present):

  • mu4e, for E-mail
  • orgmode, for task/calendar management
    mobileorg, for portability
  • weblogger, for blogging (duh)

For coding, I’m also using:

.. plus some other fontification and syntax colouring plugins.

Truly forgot what a joy it is to use this environment, although it does
take a little work setting up.

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