There is one thing I want from Org-mode more than anything: the ability to record the time I spend on various activities – even unplanned ones – and then see a summary of this time at the end of the week.

Luckily, this is actually really simple.  I won’t go through the details of how to install or set-up Org-mode; that information is easy to read through at its rightful place.  Instead, it’s the key time-recording feature which I’ll briefly touch on here.

How to start:

  1. Open up Emacs (not got Emacs? See the GNU web site or download it straight from the GNU FTP site)
  2. Start Org-mode by opening a .org file:

     C-x C-f  ~/org/

  3. Start the clock on any item:

     C-c C-x C-i

  4. Leave it running for a minute or two and then stop the clock:

     C-c C-x C-o

  5. Now go into Agenda view:

     C-c a a

  6. When in Agenda view (commonly this opens in a second frame), just hit R:


Et voila! You should be able to see a summary of the time you have booked on your activities.

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