My “Get real! :-)” week was pretty good.  Lots achieved.


  • [X] Approve new service Ts & Cs
  • [ ] Kexi – liaise on mailing list re testing issues…
  • [X] Small updates to client web site
  • [X] Database updates to client site
  • [-] Layout work for high priority customer project (linked with CMS dev)
  • [ ] CMS development
  • [ ] Feature-freeze spec
  • [ ] Roadmap & assign target dates
  • [ ] Soft launch on test web site
  • [-] Complete additional web forms to service other business areas (really!)
  • [-] Business web site changes –  higher priority
  • [-] Complete SVN/Bugzilla integration project.
  • [-] Networking event
  • [X] Clarify new sales process
  • [X] Re-evaluate financial goals for August/September and prioritise accordingly.

    Unplanned extras

  • Resolved a situation with web hosting accounts unable to access email.
  • Revised UML Use Cases & Activity Diagrams and put into action for sales process revision.
  • Life

    • [X] Pick up files from a cool F/LOSS project and start documenting…
    • [-] 2 swims – 1 mile each
    • [-] Cook something “new”!
    • [X] Social life: this week, it’s on Thursday! 🙂
    • [-] Address issues with service providers
    • [-] Finish the book Getting Things Done
    • If time, use orgmode in more of a GTD-style method


    My life doesn’t revolve around the television.  I don’t watch any terrestrial broadcasts.  I am especially uninterested in “prime”-time offerings (e.g. soaps). Ugh.  Instead…

    This week 

    It’s a sea-change.  Day off planned, plus lots of stuff happening outside of work mean I’m taking a break from planning anything at all.  A number of loose ends to tie up and various new ideas to ponder mean I’ll still be busy thinking all week.  🙂

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